Shocks & Suspension

If you’re enjoying a comfortable ride, it’s because your shocks/struts and suspension system are functioning properly by keeping your wheels in contact with the road. When shocks/struts or springs go bad, your ride may get bouncy or uncomfortable, swerve more than normal or sag in the front or rear.

Ball Joints
Tie Rods
Rack & Pinions
Control Arms
Link Pins
Power Steering Pumps

Brands We Use: Monroe, MOOG, Spicer, TRW, NAPA, Gabriel, KYB


Thank you Pro Muffler & Brake Shop! If I have a problem with my brakes or my muffler again, I will come to you! Many thanks to you & staff. My car runs so much better and because of you guys I have confidence in driving my car. Customer of '97 Honda Civic
Kevin & Pro Muffler guys, “Many thanks for your prompt, courteous & special service today!Anita
Dear Kevin & Rich,We finally made it to the West Coast. We’re in Northern California headed down to San Fran. We picked up my PT Cruiser and it’s holding up well… So far. I don’t want to jinx myself. Hope all is well in Michigan. Perhaps we’ll meet again. Thanks for all your kindness!Sincerely, Beth & Jerod