Tune-ups & Diagnostics

To keep your vehicle on the road and running smoothly, it’s important not to forget about preventative maintenance.

You know us for brakes & exhaust, but we can also help you with engine problems.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a tune-up and other problems are more complex.  It takes a good technician to know the difference.

At Pro, our technicians are local people and most have been with us for years.  They’re great with tune-ups and diagnostics or any other problems under the hood

  • “Check Engine” Lights (why is my check engine light on)
  • Starters
  • Water Pumps
  • Radiators
  • Tune-ups and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Thermostats
  • Light Engine Work
  • Spark Plugs
When you have engine problems, come see us.  As always, we’ll give you a FREE estimate, and your final bill will MATCH that estimate, with no surprises

Dear Kevin & Rich,We finally made it to the West Coast. We’re in Northern California headed down to San Fran. We picked up my PT Cruiser and it’s holding up well… So far. I don’t want to jinx myself. Hope all is well in Michigan. Perhaps we’ll meet again. Thanks for all your kindness!Sincerely, Beth & Jerod
Thank you Pro Muffler & Brake Shop! If I have a problem with my brakes or my muffler again, I will come to you! Many thanks to you & staff. My car runs so much better and because of you guys I have confidence in driving my car. Customer of '97 Honda Civic
Kevin & Pro Muffler guys, “Many thanks for your prompt, courteous & special service today!Anita