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Auto Service and Repairs

At Pro Muffler & Brake Shop we strive to make the inconvenient task of auto service and repair easier for you. We are quick and dependable, our waiting area is clean, you don't need an appointment and estimates are always free.

No wonder we have been Southwest Michigan's favorite muffler and brake repair shop for over 20 years!

Our Promise to You!

Pro Muffler & Brake Shop located on M-139 in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Our Complete Auto Services Include:

Brands We Use: Flomaster, Magnaflo, A.P. Goerlich, Walker, Show Cars, Thunderbolt and Flo-Pro.

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Shocks & Suspension

If you're enjoying a comfortable ride, it's because your shocks/struts and suspension system are functioning properly by keeping your wheels in contact with the road. When shocks/struts or springs go bad, your ride may get bouncy or uncomfortable, swerve more than normal or sag in the front or rear.

- Struts
- Springs
- Ball Joints
- Tie Rods
- Rack & Pinions
- Control Arms
- Link Pins
- Power Steering Pumps

Brands We Use: Monroe, MOOG, Spicer, TRW, NAPA, Gabriel, KYB

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Tune-ups & Diagnostics

To keep your vehicle on the road and running smoothly, it's important not to forget about preventative maintenance.

- "Check Engine" Lights
- Starters
- Water Pumps
- Radiators
- Tune-ups and Scheduled Maintenance
- Thermostats
- Light Engine Work
- Spark Plugs

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Wheel Alignment

A Proper and Complete Wheel Alignment is a Critical Component to Safe Driving

Vehicle Alignment and regular inspections of all three interrelated systems, that is, "alignment, steering and suspensions" are required to obtain trouble free driving. Occasionally, replacement of worn parts is required to obtain optimum steering control, and superior handling and stability. Being part of our standard vehicle alignment service, we include inspection of all three interrelated systems.

At Pro Muffler & Brake Shops, we utilize "State of the art, Hunter alignment equipment" to obtain the most exacting and favorable driving results.

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Automobile Air Conditioning

Automobile air conditioning systems cool the occupants of a vehicle in hot weather. Realize that auto air conditioning is basically a refrigerator. It is designed to move heat from inside your car, to the outside of your car, resulting in great comfort to the passengers inside.

There are many components to an air conditioning system, including a refrigerant, usually a substance called R-134a. When refrigerant is lost, or primary component fails, it is necessary to seek a qualified repair facility.

At Pro Muffler & Brake Shops, Inc., we use the latest "state of the art" technology to repair air conditioning problems. Let our qualified technicians examine and repair your air conditioning needs, restoring comfort to your travels.

For over 20 years, we have served the community with honesty and integrity. Thank you for the privilege to meet your needs.

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