Exhaust System Construction & Function

Your exhaust system begins at the engine with the purpose of removing toxic gases and fumes from your vehicle. The components are a series of pipes, catalytic converters, sensors, mufflers, and often a resonator, as well as other emission devises. The exhaust system is exceptionally “hot” when the engine is running. Please use caution when close to exhaust components.

Beginning at the engine, hot toxic exhaust gases travel through an exhaust manifold, primary exhaust pipe and into a “catalytic converter”. Immediately following the converter is another exhaust pipe that extends to a muffler, then to a resonator or tail pipe. The gases safely exit the rear of the vehicle. Your vehicles muffler reduces the noise your engine makes when it is running. The resonator is another type of muffler that further reduces the noise your car makes. Additionally, condensation is a product of combustion in the engine so you may see water dripping from the tailpipe from time to time.

If you have concerns about your exhaust system we are happy to provide you with a FREE Exhaust Inspection to determine if anything is wrong with your vehicle. If so, we will show you the problem, explain what needs to be done and give you a no obligation estimate. Most importantly, we promise that your bill will match your estimate to the penny.

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