How long will my battery last in the cold weather?

Pro Muffler & Brake Shop Inc Tech Question:
Due to the cold weather, how often should I replace my battery?

Pro Muffler & Brake Shop Inc Tech Answer:

Car batteries last longer in cold climates than in warm. Cold starts put a greater demand on batteries, but heat is also a big factor in Benton Harbor. The fact is that, on average, 70% of batteries fail within four years. Many experts recommend replacing your battery every five years. This can help avoid you being stranded with a dead battery as well as undue wear on your alternator.

At Pro Muffler & Brake Shop Inc in Benton Harbor, we can test your battery and alternator to see if they need to be replaced. We may find they both test out as being OK – but for some other reason things are working properly. Remember we said that the serpentine belt drives the alternator? Let our team of friendly and knowledgeable service techs at Pro Muffler & Brake Shop Inc get to the root of your problem.

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