Improve Fuel Economy

The US government has a website dedicated to helping use less fuel. It presents the cost savings in a way we can all relate to, no matter what kind of vehicle we drive. Here’s an example: Having your engine properly tuned, can save up to 4%. If you’re paying one-fifty for a litre of gas, you could save six cents a litre.

Replacing a faulty oxygen sensor can improve fuel economy by up to forty percent. That’s a huge savings per litre.

Chances are that if your oxygen sensor is kaput, your check engine light will come on. Now, there’s any number of things that could cause your check engine light to come on besides oxygen sensor problems. But if it’s on, it’s to get it checked out as soon as you can. Talk to your friendly and knowledgeable Pro Muffler & Brake Shop Inc .

Here’s an easy one – inflate your tires to the recommended pressure. That could save three percent of a litre. Even a little drop in pressure will hurt so check your tires every week.

Your vehicle manufacturer has recommended a specific weight of motor oil. The recommendation is based on engine design and will give you the best protection. Using a heavier weight could cost one to two percent in reduced fuel efficiency, or up to six cents a litre.

Here are some free gas saving tips from Pro Muffler & Brake Shop Inc: Don’t drive aggressively, drive within the speed limit and remove excess weight (junk in the trunk) from your vehicle. These can add up to quite a bit per litre.

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