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Our Promise

Estimates are always FREE!

At Pro Muffler & Brake Shop, estimates are always FREE! We we will show you the problem, explain what needs to be done and give you a no obligation estimate. Most importantly, your bill will always match your estimate to the penny. We promise!

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Problems with your car? No appointment is needed and our auto repair mechanics provide FREE ESTIMATES. The Pro Muffler and Brake Shop staff are friendly and our waiting area is clean.


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Auto Services and Repair

We strive to make the inconvenient task of auto repair and service easier for you. We are quick and dependable and our waiting area is clean. No wonder we have been Southwest Michigan’s favorite muffler and brake repair shop for over 30 years!



We specialize in muffler repairs. Did you know that muffler inspections are recommended every 24,000 miles or 2 years? Protect your family and your vehicle investment with a FREE Exhaust Inspection today.



Brake problems are among the more serious of car troubles. If you’re having trouble with your brakes, it’s better to be cautious and have your local brake repair shop take a look before getting behind the wheel again. No appointment needed!


Shocks & Suspension

When shocks/struts or springs go bad, your ride may get bouncy or uncomfortable, swerve more than normal or sag in the front or rear. Get a FREE inspection now.


Tune-ups & Diagnostics

To keep your vehicle on the road and running smoothly, it’s important to practice preventative maintenance. Our technicians are local people and most have been with us for years. They’re great with tune-ups and diagnostics or any other problems under the hood.


Why Trust Us

At Pro Muffler & Brake Shop, safety is our first and primary concern. Our technicians are local people and we have had the privilege of serving southwest Michigan for more than 30 years.


"Thank you for reminding me why, if I need auto service, I always visit home from Chicago. Last week, I brought my car into Pro with the assumption that my muffler needed replacing. The experts at Pro determined that it only needed some welding. You could have very easily taken advantage of my lack of knowledge, but instead you fixed the problem and didn’t even charge me. I will certainly be coming back and telling others to go to Pro!"



"Yesterday my son brought his car in for a minor repair on his power steering fluid reservoir which ended up costing $26.50. He didn’t have the money on him and you let him take his repaired car home to get a check and return it. Thank you so much! You guys are obviously trusting of your customers and want to help people get back in their cars more than you want to make a buck. You all should be proud to work at Pro. Keep up the excellent job and attitude!"

Chris (Eric’s mom)


"Just to share with you how much we appreciated your service on our ’99 Escort. I was totally impressed with the professional manner in which I was received in front and how in detail all the items in need of repair were pointed out by the service person. An extra Thank You for the lift back to our house & willingness to help jumpstart our other car. We have been there before & shall return when in need of something to repair. The very best & you have our recommendation any time! The car never drove better!!!"


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