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Complete List of Auto Repair Services:

Brakes and Brake Repair

Muffler Repair / Exhaust System Repairs

Shocks and Suspension

Tune-ups and Diagnostics

Wheel Alignment

Automobile Air Conditioning

Brands We Use: Flomaster, Magnaflo, A.P. Goerlich, Walker, Show Cars, Thunderbolt and Flo-Pro.

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Seniors age 65 and older, Full-time College Students (show your current school ID), Whirlpool Employees (just show your badge), and Lakeland Employees (just show your badge)

Serving Benton Harbor, St. Joseph, Stevensville and Berrien Springs.

We've been Southwest Michigan’s favorite muffler and brake repair shop for over 30 years! Providing trusted auto repair and service with lower prices under your car. We Promise!

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Muffler & Exhaust Shop

Did you know that muffler inspections are recommended every 24,000 miles or 2 years? Our muffler shop provides free inspections and estimates for muffler repair. We specialize in: High Performance Exhaust Systems, Custom Bending, Catalytic Converters, Stainless Steel Pipe Available, Oxygen Sensors, Pollution Control, Airpumps, Emission Tubes, Flextubes, and Show Car Specialists.

Shocks & Suspension

When shocks/struts or springs go bad, your ride may get bouncy or uncomfortable, swerve more than normal or sag in the front or rear. We specialize in: Struts, Springs, Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Rack & Pinions, Control Arms, Link Pins, and Power Steering Pumps.

Automobile Air Conditioning

We use the latest “state of the art” technology to repair air conditioning problems. Let our qualified technicians examine and repair your air conditioning needs, restoring comfort to your travels. Stop in to get your air conditioning checked today!

Brake Specialist

If you’re having trouble with your brakes, it’s better to be cautious and have your local brake repair shop take a look before getting behind the wheel again. We specialize in: ABS Service, Master Cylinders, Brake Pads/Shoes, Rotors Machining, Rotors/Drums, Brake Lines, and Sensors.

Tune-ups & Diagnostics

You know us for brakes & exhaust, but we can also help you with engine problems. Sometimes it’s as simple as a tune-up and other problems are more complex. It takes a good technician to know the difference. We specialize in: Wheel Bearings, “Check Engine” Lights, Starters, Water Pumps, Radiators, Tune-ups and Scheduled Maintenance, Thermostats, Light Engine Work, and Spark Plugs.

Wheel Alignment

Proper Wheel alignment saves Tires, saves Gas, and most important, SAVES LIVES! Our new Digital Alignment System uses precision cameras & lasers to align all FOUR wheels, often while you wait! Save money by getting your wheel alignment today.

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